September 3, 2012

Some of the best times in my life....

Be Weird....

Jason and I are hosting this class at our church on October 7th. It will be every Sunday night for nine weeks from 6pm to 7:30pm at the Garfield First Baptist Church. You can sign up now online at  Being "Broke" is is time to BE WEIRD!!!!!

Where in the world have we been? Well, let's see...

June 28, 2012

Say Anything?

I saw this on a friends blog today. It was quite comical so I copied it from her page and posted it on mine...changing the answers to the questions and adding my own pictures. Hope you do the same. Great way to get to know your friends!

1) What was your favorite childhood cartoon show?
2) Where do you buy your clothes? What is your favorite store to shop at and what is your style like?

3) Tell us one embarrassing secret about you that not many people know? I LOVE to eat Taco Tico Bean Burritos. Yes! It is a little nasty in their restaurants but their food is SOOOO yummy.
4) What is your favorite movie quote?
5) If your house caught on fire and you and your entire family got out safely, what three items would you grab on the way out?
a) any pictures I could
b) my Bible
c) my dog

Here are the boys birthday invitations that I made for them this year. They LOVE them!

My Little Slugger

My Sweet Boys

April 11, 2012

Too many blessings to count...

We had such a blessed Easter. We started our Holy weekend by watching The Passion of Christ with Jacob. We felt he was mature enough this year to understand it. He was saddened by it but so thankful that Jesus died to erase our sins and He is ALIVE in our hearts now. Jason asked Christ into his heart again and recommitted his life. He was baptised on Sunday. It was such a blessed weekend. We had our families over for lunch and a small egg hunt. Nanny and Pa Pa were not feeling well so they did not get to come. We missed them dearly.
Jason's Baptism
 My Family
 My parents and my sisters
 Jason and his parents
 Nanny Clark and Tracy
 Pa Pa Clark
 My Sweet Boys
 Coloring Eggs
 A Beautiful Reminder

March 20, 2012

Okay, so I watched the new Footloose tonight. Yes, I am a little behind. I was impressed just because I love the dancing and the music. The script was pretty much the same BUT I have to say...the 80's version was SO much better. You just can't beat the cast, the music, the awesome dancing!

I really enjoyed it but Wren McCormick will always be Kevin Bacon to me and no one can move like he did in that movie! Plus, the acting was SO much better. It was so much more believeable. Two thumbs up for the OLD Footloose!

March 8, 2012

Well, Jason did his first bus route at church last night. I think he loved it. I was so proud of him when he left the church parking lot. I did say a little prayer though....I am around those kiddos all day and I know how "excited" they get when they are in a group setting. I was sure he would need some Tylenol when he got back. He did great. He didn't get home until after 9:00...which is a late night for us! He only had one word for me when he walked in the door "loud".... We are so blessed in our new church! We are making friends and really getting involved. God is so good.
Jason is a volunteer now for the Nebco fire department. He was trying on his fireman suit for the boys tonight and looked "smokin' hot" in it (no punt intended) a few minutes later I smelled something burning in the kitchen. Luckily, it was just the toaster! I was worried he had the urge to put a fire out already!!! I told the boys that Daddy caught the kitchen on fire to see how fast he could put it out. I have never seen them run so fast in my life. Had to be here. It was hilarious!
I found this picture of Uncle Randy and Jacob. Ironically, it was the same day that Jason told me he was going to buy a new chainsaw. I went out into our shop and I saw this picture in a little box. I was SO worried when he gave it to Jacob. Even though it was plastic, I was afraid it would hurt him when it went round and round. Randy was always buying him toys. He was so tickled to give Jacob his very first chainsaw. Now that Jacob is almost nine years old- he doesn't play with it anymore. It is still in the closet though. Uncle Randy would probably have already bought him a real one by now if he was still with us. I would be a nervous wreck.

I love it when my friends "with little girls" buy baby chicks around Easter time just for pictures because I get to adopt them after the pictures are all done! Last year, Jason came home to a box of "colored" baby chicks we had down stairs. He didn't share in our excitement but he let us keep them. I went to buy feed at the feed store and came home with blue, yellow, and pink chicks! I haven't been to the feed store since! They are precious when they are little!

March 4, 2012

Welcome A quote from one of Arkansas' most respected entrepreneurs created the framework for my run for Benton County Sheriff. Sam Walton said, "High expectations are the key to everything," and it is the focus of my campaign. What I want the public to know and understand is that they will be able to expect excellence from me as my daily work ethic - and nothing less. My reasons for running for this seat in 2010 and my message today are still the same - we still face important issues like gang intelligence gathering, crime prevention in the county, and increasing the number of meth lab investigators in the field. Thank you for your continued support in helping make Benton County one the safest and most enjoyable places to raise a family. Kelley Cradduck About Kelley Cradduck •Attends Fellowship Bible Church •Leadership Development and Team Building Instructor •15 Years As a Certified Arkansas Police Officer •3 Years Experience As An Undercover Detective with the 19th Judicial Task Force •School Resource Officer •SWAT For 2 Years •2 Years Supervising Gang Suppression Unit •Patrol Shift Supervisor •Served Four Years in the U.S. Army as Combat Medical Specialist •Gang Education Instructor For The NWA Community College •Over 100 Hours of Specialized Gang Training •Supervised The Rogers Police Department Drug Unit Awards •Officer of The Year, Presented by The Rogers Police Department, 1997 •Officer of The Year, Presented by The Rogers Police Department, 2000 •Officer of the Year, Presented by The Benton County Law Enforcement Assistance Program, 2000 •Officer of The Year, Presented by The American Legion State Convention, 2001 •Heroes De Corazon Award from Wal-Mart, 2006 •Supervisor of The Year, 2008 •Awarded The Combat Medical Badge For Service During 1989 "Operation Just Cause" in Panama Personal •Member of Optimist Club •Member of Veterans of Foreign Wars •Married to Wife, Bethany •Member of Kiwanis Club •Member of American Legion •Three Children
It was a LONG day for this little guy. He waited eight hours for his brother's competition. He loved every minute of it though. He is such a good boy.

Odyssey of the Mind

Our little Odyssey of the mind team won the competition last night! We are heading to State Competition now in three weeks! Jacob is SO excited. I am so proud of my little smartie pants!!!